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Spiir’s PR Manager: “The Spiir app helps me to have an awesome lifestyle while saving money”

Caroline Sølver 27-09-2019 - 4 min read

“I’ve always felt that if I have money in my account, I need to spend them”, says Spiir’s PR Manager Rune Kallehauge, who is 26 years old.

“It’s not in the sense that I’m overdrafting my bank account every month. Overdrafting is not really my thing. But if I have money, they are there for me to have fun and enjoy life. I gotta admit that I like to sweeten my everyday life”, he adds.

The Spiir app has helped turn Rune’s spending habits around. Before Rune began using the app, he used to spend money rather than keeping track of them.

“It’s was sort of a revelation for me to use Spiir. I’ve discovered that I can save lots of swipes with my credit card without feeling that I’m living a boring life”, he says while smiling and continues:

“I’ve managed to reduce my spending by around 700€ a month because Spiir has made me aware of where I can save money, so I don’t waste them on things I don’t need”.

The online bank was a headache

Rune has always been aware that he spends a lot of money. Probably more than the average person. One time, he tried using an Excel sheet to help him get a better overview of his money flow. However, that didn’t go as planned.

“After a week, I sort of gave up trying to save my receipts and entering what I’ve spent into the sheet. It was just too much work”, he sighs.

Using his online bank was just as hopeless. Every two weeks he’d log on to check his balance, but it was usually a negative experience.

“It kind of gave me a headache to check my numbers and balance. I knew I was spending lots of money, which the online bank confirmed, but I just ended up ignoring the facts. When I finally got myself together to log on and check, it was so demotivating to look at a long list of numbers without getting a real overview of my spending”, Rune says.

The Spiir app is a reminder

Since Rune began using the Spiir app, his spending habits have changed radically. By receiving weekly and monthly overviews and notifications from Spiir, it’s become easier for Rune to get the full financial picture.

“It’s actually quite simple: the moment after I spend money, I tend to forget all about it. But the app reminds me by sending notifications to me. That’s when I remember: ‘Oh, yeah, I did just buy this and this”, and I click on the notification that takes me to the app and the great overview”, Rune explains.

He tells us that dealing with his finances has never been more fun, simply because he now has an overview that enables him to adjust his money flow in advance instead of waiting for his balance to hit zero.

Go for the cheaper alternatives

“The best part about my new relationship with my money is that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on all the fun things in life even though I’m spending way less money”, says Rune and continues:

“I’ve just gotten better at making decisions that my wallet thanks me for”.

The change in his spending habits has happened without Rune really noticing a change in the way he lives. Through the app’s monthly overview he is able to detect that he has reduced his spending on fast food, bar- and restaurant visits. And if you ask him to point out what he’s doing differently now, it is that he’s gotten better at shopping groceries instead of choosing the easy take out-way.

“I’m actively thinking about what I put in my shopping cart. Actually, I’ve started choosing the more budget-friendly alternatives in the grocery store, rather than going for the more expensive big brands. It’s almost the same product, so I might as well go for the cheaper version, which ends up saving me lots of money”.

“What also helps is that the app lets me set up spending goals. I challenge myself to spend less on fast food and takeout every month. It almost turns into a competition for me where I have to win. If I manage to spend that set amount or less, I’ve won!

Managing my money this way, it’s almost like playing a game. Spiir has made it fun to save money”, Rune says.

Saving up for an apartment

By saving up around 700€ every month thanks to Spiir, he’s now started a savings account where he transfers that money every month. It has already become a decent amount of money that he would never have been able to save without Spiir.

“Spiir has motivated me to start a savings account”, Rune says.

His plan is to save up for a deposit for an apartment. At the moment, he’s enjoying seeing his savings grow while still being able to enjoy life and have fun.

“I’m still able to go out for dinners and night outs, go shopping for a cool jacket or whatever I feel like. I’m just putting more thought into how I spend my money”, Rune explains and in conclusion adds:

“Spiir has really changed my relationship with my finances and how I spend money. It’s such a huge help getting a little assistance in controlling my money. The app is like an assistant that takes care of the boring work and keeps me updated with an easy overview of my money.”