Big news: Spiir, a part of Aiia A/S, is joining Mastercard

Lars Pedersen 09-09-2021 - 2 min

We are happy to announce that Spiir, which operates under Aiia A/S, has been acquired by Mastercard. This will give us extra power and resources to continue developing and expanding Spiir – making it the best PFM app on the market for European consumers.

What does this mean for you as a Spiir user?

Nothing changes in your everyday use of Spiir. Spiir will remain free for everyone, and we will continue our mission to make it easy and fun to manage your money and build financial awareness. 

Taking Spiir to the next level

“Well, not everything stays the same. Now we will be able to build, develop and explore new features faster than ever in an effort to take Spiir to the next level. And we will keep on delivering a hassle-free experience to support financial health and awareness to our more than 400.000 happy users in Europe,” says Martin Junker, Product Lead at Spiir.  

We can’t wait to continue our ambition of making money management easier for everyone in Denmark, the Nordics and Europe. 

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