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Spiir A/S is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and operates under the supervision of the Danish Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Company address and information: 2019 Spiir A/S | Mejlgade 48b, 2 th. | 8000 Aarhus C | CVR: 33509006

Smile while spending

Spiir automates all the boring numbers to give you a smooth overview of your income and expenses. Stay in control and make good money decisions with confidence. 

+300.000 are already happy spenders

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How to smile while spending?

Plane tickets to Paris. Or just another coffee to go.


Why not both?

Spiir automatically helps you spend money on the things you enjoy most in life.

And if you go off track, Spiir has your back! By spending smarter, you can live happier.


That’s why we say: Smile while spending.


Stay on track with spending goals

Festival tickets or new shoes? Stay on track with personal spending goals that support the life you want to live.


Valuable spending insights

Spiir categorises your expenses for better financial control, so you can lay back and spend your money on what makes you happy.


Snackable money info

Spiir crunches the numbers for you and serves you personal and actionable money insights.

Inspirational stories from happy spenders

Spending money is not all about boring bills and feeling guilty when buying coffee and clothes. Take a look at some of our happy spenders:

How Spiir will help you to spend money on what makes you happy

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With Spiir, I've become much more aware of how I Spend my money. The app gives me a much easier...

How Jason from Jessheim became a happy spender with Spiir
Can money buy happiness?

We sat down with one of the leading happiness researchers in Denmark to talk about the connection...

In a perfect world you can afford foamy lattes on your daily way to work, vacations with sandy...

Expert: “Here are the most successful ways to get healthy spending habits"

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Ready to be a

happy spender?

More than 350,000 Nordic users have already downloaded Spiir. Securely connect your bank accounts and get going for free in less than 2 minutes!