It all started with a simple question

Who says personal finance has to be boring? 😴

Well, not us. That’s why our founders Rune Mai and Guðmundur Hreiðarsson created Spiir in 2011. A fun and intuitive app that nudges financial awareness and makes it easier for you to prioritize your money on the things you love.

Fast forward to today

Now, we are helping more than 400,000 people in the Nordics get a better grip on their finances without having to struggle with old-school budgets or boring spreadsheets.

Smile while spending

Essentially, Spiir is all about making you smile. 

We believe financial happiness is not about saving every dime and penny. And it’s not necessarily about getting rich. It’s about spending your money on the things you really love. 

We don’t tell you how you should spend your money. Maybe you want to book your dream vacation. Go shopping with your friends. Or just save some money for a rainy day. 

The choice is yours. 

We just make it easy for you to take control of your finances and stay on top of your money. 

And that’s what we call smile while spending.


The whole company ❤️

Happy users
Passionate people

50+ passionate people

Based in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Gdansk, our team consists of more than 50 dedicated employees who are all passionate about making it easier for you to stay on top of your finances. 

From skillful developers to creative product designers, we’re all about making a difference for you and our +400,000 happy spenders in the Nordics.

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Rune Mai
Rune Mai CEO & Founder rm@spiir.dk
Anders Mai Pohl
Anders Mai Pohl Customer Service Specialist anp@spiir.dk
Gudmundur Hreidarsson
Gudmundur Hreidarsson Tech Team Lead & Co-Founder gh@spiir.dk
Martin Junker
Martin Junker Product Lead mj@spiir.dk
Christian Victor Andersen
Christian Victor Andersen Marketing & Growth Hacker cha@spiir.dk
Dobrawa Radecka
Dobrawa Radecka Product and UX Designer dor@spiir.dk
 Jesper Gundlund Johansen
Jesper Gundlund Johansen Developer jj@spiir.dk
Alejandro Santander
Alejandro Santander Graphic Designer alex@spiir.dk
Isak Nuur
Isak Nuur Chief Product Officer isn@spiir.dk
Filip Sauer
Filip Sauer CTO & COO fis@spiir.dk
Christie H. Kristensen
Christie H. Kristensen Chief Marketing Officer chk@spiir.dk
Christian Panton
Christian Panton Tech Lead & DPO cp@spiir.dk
Steinunn Eyja Gauksdóttir
Steinunn Eyja Gauksdóttir HR Manager & Recruitment Hacker stg@spiir.dk
Johan Lorenzen
Johan Lorenzen Chairman of the Board
Lars Malmberg
Lars Malmberg Board Member
Sten T. Davidsen
Sten T. Davidsen Board Member
Lars Kolind
Lars Kolind Investor
Frank Lyhne Hansen
Frank Lyhne Hansen Investor
Jesper Kring
Jesper Kring Board Member & Investor
Per Kristian Næss-Fladset
Per Kristian Næss-Fladset Board Member
Danske Bank
Danske Bank Investor
DNB Investor

“Spiir is a healthy exercise for everyone”