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Smile while spending: How Spiir will help you to spend money on what makes you happy

Caroline Sølver 06-06-2019 - 5 min read

Hi there, partner! Today, it’s going to be all about the new app with the green face and the quirky smile. If you’re not too sure what we’re rambling on about, it's the Spiir app!

If Spiir is already a permanent part of your app repertoire, you might already be in the know. And if not, you’ve come to the right place. Read along to get the full picture of how Spiir is ready to help you get an easy overview of your spending habits.

But how do you actually start using the app? And what does it do? We’re ready to share all the inside knowledge!

How does Spiir work?

The purpose of Spiir is to give you an overall, yet detailed overview of your money. Both your income and your expenses are categorized into more than 80 different spending categories. Examples of categories are clothes, groceries, fast food, bars, rent and many, many more.

So, let’s say you’ve been grocery shopping and you pay with the account that’s connected to your Spiir account. Spiir will automatically recognize this payment and instantly categorize it as ‘groceries’.

This way, you can keep a constant eye on what you’re spending within the different categories every month. That gives you the opportunity to compare your spending during the year and check how your spending develops according to different times a year. When you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite fun to look into!

Spiir is your friend

At Spiir, we think you should be able to spend your money in a way that makes you happy and on things that make you happy - you know, happy in that way you can’t stop smiling and you have butterflies in your stomach. That’s the ultimate goal of the app! And we hope that you will enjoy using the app and obtaining that great overview of your spending habits. You might even want to challenge yourself to some specific spending goals. And ultimately, Spiir wants to remove the money stress and make you a happier spender.

Maybe the app shows you that you’re spending a lot of money on take away food when you feel too tired to dribble to the supermarket, get groceries and put on an apron. But when you think rationally about it, would you rather want to spend that take-out money on a shopping spree at the end of the month? It’s up to you!

Set personal goals for your spending

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about something that does not fit into your budget from time to time? We get it. Let us introduce you to the app feature ‘spending goals’ that will be your new bff.

If you’ve come to realize that you’re throwing too many dollars $ after clothes that you would actually rather be throwing after restaurant visits or movie dates with your sweetheart? Go to ‘spending goals’ in the app and set an amount for how much money you wanna spend on clothes. You get to choose whether this is a monthly or a weekly amount.

Spiir will make sure to keep you notified on how you’re doing with your spending goals. Every time you spend money on new attires, Spiir will automatically track if you’re staying within your spending goal. If that’s not the case, Spiir will notify you with fun features such as weekly quizzes in which you have to guess how much you’ve spent on different categories.

The smart thing about the spending goals is that you get to decide what you actually want to spend your money on. By setting the goals, Spiir helps you to spend on the stuff you prioritize in your life. And if you go off track, Spiir has got your back!

Let Spiir open your eyes

In time, you’ll become best friends with Spiir, and a few revelations might appear. That happened to me when I had been using Spiir for some time, and I found out that I had spent more than 85€ on coffee in a month.

It’s not that it’s wrong - if you love coffee and feel like it’s worth spending 85€ on, knock yourself out! But for me, that was the tip of the iceberg. I realized that it didn’t fit my budget to be spending that much on coffee as I had plenty of other things I’d rather prioritize and I could easily substitute my to-go coffee by brewing a nice cuppa at home.

With Spiir, you might find out that you’re spending money on things that don’t spark joy. Actually, research has shown that our users save 10% on their overall spending when they’ve been using Spiir for three months. How great is that? Just by becoming aware of where your money goes, you’ll get to save a full 10%! You can easily choose to spend that extra money on travelling, shopping, or savings. It’s your choice 😎

Hashtags give you an overview

Besides setting your own spending goals and categorizing all your spendings automatically into different categories, you’re also able to play Instagram with Spiir... How so? By adding hashtags to your transactions!

Maybe you’re off for a vacation and would like an overview of how pricey that vacation will be. Create a hashtag such as #vietnam2019 and add it to all your transactions from that trip. If you wanna look up how much you actually ended up spending, you simply search for that specific hashtag and a collection of all transactions with that particular hashtag will appear.

How does that relate to my coffee story? Well, after I found out how much money I had spent on coffee, I wanted to try something new. Doing a month with way less coffee (unless I brewed it myself, of course!). Adding a #coffee hashtag to all my coffee transactions helped me a lot. Even to this day, I still add the hashtag and check it once in a while to keep track of how my coffee spending is going. This way I am also able to compare my coffee habits from month to month.

Smart, right?

In other words, Spiir shows you where your money goes. By using the app you get the ultimate insight into your money and spending habits, and you might just feel like changing some of these habits for the better. In a perfect world, all your money goes to what makes you happy, and hopefully, Spiir can assist in making that a reality!