Spending habits

How to quit money shaming yourself

Caroline Sølver 19-08-2019 - 3 min read

“How to save up 80% of your income every month”

“Do you also buy too many clothes?”

“How to quit overspending”

Do these headings sound familiar?

Are you tired of reading about other people’s crazy saving accounts or how they’ve successfully made a fortune by inventing a new product? Do you know the feeling when you start comparing yourself with your friends’ spending habits? Maybe because they are great at saving and that makes you feel bad about spending money?

Money can wake up the little nagging devil on your shoulder. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Are you ready to stop feeling guilty about the way you choose to spend your money?

Spiir is your money’s BFF

Spiir is all about encouraging you to live your best life with the money you have. We always bring fun, different, inspiring and insightful stories that should prepare you to make the best choices for yourself and your money.

With the app, you’re able to look into your way of spending money. By becoming more financially aware, you’ll gradually learn how you want to spend your money.

How does your neighbor spend money?

Do you tend to compare yourself with friends on social media? “Oh look, she just purchased another pair of expensive shoes!”. Do you often wish you could afford those shoes as well? Or do you look at your broke friend and think “yeah, I totally have control over my own finances!”?

Comparing yourself with others has its pros and cons. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no recipe to follow when it comes to spending your money. You might spend more money on partying than your friends. But if that’s what makes you happy, grab another drink while you can!

Do you often find yourself saying that you would give everything to have a savings account, or that you’d be happy if you could buy more organic groceries?

Instead of feeling bad about it, we suggest that you intentionally use the comparison as inspiration for how you could be spending your money. Ask yourself how you can get inspired by other people’s spending habits and use them constructively in your own life.

Take back control over your money

Go on a spending journey. I did that last year. By tracking my spending habits through the Spiir app, I learned that I was spending 80€ a month on to-go coffee. In itself, that isn’t an issue, but for me it was. I found out that the coffee didn’t taste that good and wasn’t bringing me enough joy that it was actually worth my money. So I changed my spending habits in order to support what is really worth it in my life.

If you want to deep dive into a similar ‘how do I spend my money’ journey, Spiir is a great tool. After figuring out where your money goes, it’s up to you to determine if that’s the way that makes you happy. If not, it’s time to change it up! It’s your money, your life, your decision.

Become BFFs with your money

By quitting the money shaming, it gets easier for you to become BFFs with your money. You’ll be able to make a plan for what matters in your life, and then prioritize your money in a way that supports your dreams. At the same time, you’ll be able to quit spending money on things that actually do not spark joy. Guilty conscience over money? Long gone, boy bye!

Hopefully, this post can inspire you to dive into your money and spending, so you can start spending wisely in order to live your best life with the money you have.

To keep the record straight: A recap

Are you ready to stop the money shaming and quit the guilty conscience? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Read money stories and articles and use them intentionally as inspiration.

2. Talk to your friends about money and spending habits and become inspired by their stories and experiences.

3. Use Spiir to deep dive into your money and spending to realize how you actually want to spend your money.

4. Quit feeling guilty over not spending your money “correctly”. There is only one correct way to spend money, and that is your way!