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How Martin got financial superpowers with Spiir

Karen Johanne Iversen 07-06-2019 - 2 min read

Do you find it hard to figure out why you run out of money, again and again, month after month? Do you want to be better at prioritizing your money on what makes you truly happy?

With the help from Spiir’s personal assistant, you’ll get financial superpowers in no time. And what’s best of all, you never need to make old school budgets again!

We sat down with one of our users, Martin, who told us how Spiir gave him financial superpowers.

Let’s see what he said!

Spiir was an eye-opener

Because Spiir categorises everything automatically, Martin quickly got an eye-opener about his financial habits after he started using the app. Especially when it came to the money he had spent on fast food:  

“I never actually wondered how much money I spend on fast food. But when I saw the total number in Spiir, I was surprised”, Martin tells.

Before he started using Spiir, he thought he had a good sense of his spending habits but that turned out not to be true:

“I was very surprised by the overview Spiir provided me with. A bit shocked to be honest. The reality about my spending habits didn’t correspond to my own assumptions”, he says.

Become your own money boss

Studies show that 3 out of 4 try to keep track of their personal finances by doing a monthly budget. But as they forget to stay on top of the budget, a budget often doesn't help to improve their financial life.

After Martin started using Spiir, he believes that the app will give him the financial overview he needs:

“I actually believe that Spiir has given me much more than just an overview of my money. The app also motivates me to think more about what I’m actually spending my money on,” he concludes.