Saving hacks

8 students share their best saving hacks

Caroline Sølver 12-07-2019 - 4 min read

We know. Being a hardworking student isn’t always like being on cloud nine. Especially not when it comes to finances. Studying doesn't leave much time left to make money and that means most students have to make it work with a small income. But although money doesn’t grow on trees, there are several ways students can make their lives a bit sweeter.

Read along as we share the very best saving hacks told by eight students.

Skip one night out a month (just one of them)

My best saving hack is to skip one of your night outs. Of course not all of them - that would be impossible for me - but if I just cancel one of my nights out a month, I’m still able to have plenty of fun nights but save money on that one night I decided to stay home instead ;-) Not only does my wallet thank me, so does my liver. I’m very talented at spending money after a couple of beers. I’m having a party and so is my credit card… Until the day after, when I’m not only cursed with being hungover physically but also financially. The best solution for me is to choose to stay home once in a while. In that way, I don’t challenge destiny.

Frederik, 24 years old

Take advantage of student discounts

I always make sure I’m taking advantage of student discounts and other coupon codes when I’m shopping. This goes for clothes shopping on ASOS (did you know that students always get a 10% off?), my monthly Spotify membership that I can get cheaper as a student as well as coffee from my favorite cafe that offers 10% off as a student discount. It’s simply about keeping an eye open for any student or regular discounts that are available!

Caroline, 23 years old

Go second-hand!

About a year ago, I decided I would only buy second-hand, especially when it comes to clothing. So far, it’s going very good. It’s proven to be pretty simple. I just keep in mind what I actually need, and when I finally decide, I’ll start looking for it available in a second-hand version. Both online via Depop and eBay or in a local second-hand store and at flea markets. It’s incredible how much money I save by devoting myself to only shopping second-hand. Looking for that particular item almost turns into a fun treasure hunt, and it feels good to save money this way. And… The planet also thanks me 😉

Sara, 25 years old

A budget is your friend

In an attempt to live the life I want to live, I figured it would help me tremendously if I have a good overview of my personal finances. How much do I earn, how do I spend my money and on what categories? And what truly makes me happy to spend money on?

By keeping track of my money, I know what I can afford, and how much room it leaves me to have fun or to treat myself. I’ve created a budget I more or less stick to, and the Spiir app is a great tool in keeping close tabs on how I’m spending my money.

Simon, 27 years old

Cheap (fancy) dining? Yes!

Just because I am a student, I still deserve to live my best life which includes treating myself to a nice dinner once in a while. Luckily, dining out doesn’t have to be horrendously expensive. I always check Groupon and similar sites for great offers on restaurant and cafe experiences.

Laura, 26 years old

Skip the ’doh’ habit

At one point, I realized that I was spending around $50 on to go coffee a month. To some, it might be completely normal, to others a lot of money! Regardless, spending $50 on coffee every month turns into a whole lot of money if you add it up. I figured it wasn’t worth it for me. Instead, I invested in cool thermos and began making my own coffee to go.

Katrine, 23 years old

Lunch booooox!

I save a lot of money every month by spending a few minutes each night or morning making my own lunch box. This prevents me from taking a trip to the school cafeteria, where I’ll quickly end up spending lots of money on bagels, croissants, coffee, sweets.

This isn’t just bad for my wallet, also for my waist! Of course, making your own lunch requires a bit of planning and a trip to the grocery store, but by devoting some time as a lunch maker, I’m able to create healthy and cheap meals for myself. Best of it all? I get to decide what I feel like eating and I improve my cooking skills!

Sofie, 20 years old

The no-stress-way

I feel like there are plenty of things to stress about as a student. Finances don’t have to be one of them. I make sure to spend less money than what I have coming into my account every month, and that’s it! Easier said than done but also a no brainer! Works for me.

Asger, 21 years old

There you have it!

8 saving hacks from 8 students. Hopefully, you have plenty of ideas on how to live a great student life while saving.