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28-year-old Jason: “As the first money app in Norway, Spiir showed me how I actually spend my money"

Karen Johanne Iversen 06-06-2019 - 3 min read

"With Spiir, I’ve become much more aware of how I spend my money. The app gives me a much easier overview than my mobile bank because it categorizes all of my expenses automatically."

Originally from the US, Jason is a 28-year-old tech enthusiast who’s been living in Jessheim in Norway for the past 5 years. For a long time, he has been looking for a personal finance tool. And now, he finally found it.

Spiir is a money app from Denmark that has already helped more than 320.000 Millennials become more financially aware with help from spending goals, uplifting reminders, and automatic categorization of spendings.

But how can Spiir help you get a better grip of your money habits?

Let’s hear Jason’s experience!

Spiir to the rescue

Back when Jason lived in the US, he used the budget tracker Mint to take care of his finances. But when he moved to Norway it wasn’t easy to find a similar tool:

“Mint automatically categorized my expenses and it visualized my money flow. When I moved to Norway, I tried using some other budget apps where I had to type in spending items manually but I only used them for a week or so. Apparently, I’m too lazy so I need something that does most of the work by itself,” Jason says.

A couple of months ago, Jason saw an advertisement for Spiir. Now, he has taken the app for a spin, and he finally feels like he has found a tool that automatically takes care of his money:

“As far as I know, there isn’t any other app in Norway that can automatically categorises your spendings by connecting to your bank accounts, so I’m really happy that Spiir does that for me. That means I can finally manage my money with ease”.

New spending habit resulted in 100€ savings

When Jason started using Spiir, he was on vacation in Asia. And as most of us know, it’s much harder to keep track of our spendings when we’re away from our daily routines. But for once, that wasn’t a problem anymore:

Spiir really helped me visualize how I spend my money. I thought I had been spending too much money on restaurants but the app showed me that shopping was much worse, which made me more financially aware for the rest of the trip,” Jason says and continues:

“When I came back home and continued to use Spiir, the app has shown me that I spend much more on restaurants and takeaway than I want to, so now I’ve started cooking at home more often. By changing this spending habit, the past couple of months I’ve already saved over 100€ each month. This has freed up money for what actually makes me happy.”

A serious eye-opener

We’re all familiar with monthly subscriptions and smaller fixed expenses that we forget about after signing up. But monthly spendings add up. And for Jason, Spiir was a serious eye-opener:

“In the past, the small 5€ monthly payments tended to become invisible in my mobile bank. But when these numbers were categorized in Spiir, the total amount was much higher than I expected. After looking into the details, I was able to cancel and change some of the payments to release more money in my budget”.

Spiir enables me to smile while spending

Spiir has helped Jason get the ultimate insight into his spending habits. He recommends the app to everyone that want to worry less about money and instead add more happiness into their financial lives:

“Spiir automatizes everything that a mobile banking app normally does manually. Visualizing my spending habits has helped me understand my finances much better so that I can relax and prioritize my money on stuff that actually makes me happy” Jason ends.

And what can we learn from that?

Well, in a perfect world all your money should be spent on what makes you happy, and hopefully, Spiir can assist in making that a reality!