Last  updated May 2018

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Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary to use our web site, for example those that determine whether you're signed in and who you are.

Cookies Description Duration
SessionExpires Stores the expiry time of your login session. Used to close Spiir automatically when the session expires. Until you close your browser
SessionKey Stores a secret key for your login session, which allows our application to access your protected private data. Until you close your browser
ShowLoginNotification Stores information about whether Spiir has shown notifications after logging in. Until you close your browser

Preference Cookies

These cookies store your user preferences in order to improve your experience, such as to allow for easy logins to Spiir.

Cookies Description Duration
Email Stores your email, if you have opted in to have it remembered on the login page or under security settings. 1 year
AutoLogonToken Stores a secret for logging automatically in to Spiir, if you have opted in for automatic login under security settings. 1 year

Analytics Cookies


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Spiir Mobile App

In mobile apps we use a series of tracking identifiers, which mobile devices provide, to provide our services and measure traffic and behaviour.

Necessary Tracking Identifiers

Service Tracking identifiers used Duration
Spiir Mobile App
  • iOS Identifier for Vendors (on Apple devices)
  • Android Device ID (on Android devices)
We use the device ID to distinguish between multiple devices for users, so that we can provide custom experience to each device. The device ID is also used when sending push notifications to users.

Tracking Identifiers used for marketing and analytics

Service Duration We use, a 3rd party provider, for creating links into our mobile app. Branch uses theses identifiers to track the source of links. By doing so, we can analyze where we get traffic from, and we can provide better experience by showing content in the app relevant to the context of the link.
Facebook Analytics We use Facebook Analytics to track behaviour in the app. We then utilize the tracking data to provide targeted advertisements for the app on Facebook.