Exclusive low prices
Exclusive low prices

Only our users can get our treats. You won’t find our offers anywhere else.

You decide our treats
You decide our treats

Our users always decide what treats we get in the app. What do you want to save money on?

We’ll negotiate for you
We’ll negotiate for you

We’ll negotiate with the most requested partners, so you can enjoy the best treats.


Save 20% on your Barry subscription

Get electricity at purchase price with Barry. Take control of your electricity bill with the Barry app and see your consumption in KWh, kroner and CO2. You will even get notified when the electricity is extra cheap or climate friendly. After all, you got the power!




Exclusive and low-priced phone plan

Time to stream, call and text on the best network in the Nordics. We’ve teamed up with Call me to offer you a cheap and exclusive phone plan you won’t find anywhere else. Together, we’ve created an exclusive plan with tons of data, unlimited minutes & texts at a competitive price, so you don’t have to worry about your phone bill. 




Get free liability insurance

Why pay for insurance coverage you don’t need? We’ve teamed up with Undo, so you can customise your insurance to fit your needs. All you need is their app to protect yourself and the things you own. You can make claims 24/7, change your insurance policy instantly or get travel insurance you only pay for when you travel. Plus, you get free liability insurance as our exclusive Spiir Treat. 

Grab a Treat today 🎁

Download Spiir and enjoy our exclusive offers. You can even vote on our next Treat and tell us what you would love to save money on.

What are Spiir Treats?

Spiir Treats are our way of thanking you for being a part of Spiir (yeah, you rock!).

Our dream is to help you with every aspect of your finances – including saving money on your monthly bills and the things you buy every day. 

That’s why we team up with selected partners to give you exclusive offers on the products and services you love. 

How do Treats work?

It’s simple. Just open Spiir and check out our Treats. If you see anything you like, you can get it with a few taps. 

You can even vote on what should be our next Treat or tell us what you want to save money on in the app.

Want to be our next partner?

Are you a potential partner for our Treats universe? Contact our Product Lead, Martin Junker and learn more about how Treats can help your business: martin@spiir.dk

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